Door Restrictors and Viewers

Improving Security with Door Chains, Door restrictors and viewers.

Door security is not as simple as getting one or more good quality door locks such as the easy break euro cylinders. Any front door is vulnerable to entry when it is opened to the wrong person, that is why fitting your front door with a range of security products can eliminate this risk. Our range of door restrictors and viewers enable bulking up of security with a minimum of effort and cost involved.

Door Viewers

Door viewers can be easily fitted to most modern door to allow the owner to view discreetly anybody who approaches your front door.

Door Viewer

Door Restrictors & Door Chains

Door restrictors and door chains are an ideal solution to forced entry situations. By having a door restrictor or chain added to your front door you can safely open the door to any visitor in the knowledge that the door cannot be forcibly opened without you disconnecting your door security device.

Door Restrictor and Door Chains

D15 Locksmiths sell and fit a range of door restrictors, door viewers and door chains to fit most types of doors.